Elvis Found Alive

Following the filming of Elvis Found Alive, a new CD was recorded featuring classic Elvis songs with modern rock arrangements, and more recent hits by Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, The Police, and Richard Marx. The newly written hit song 'Lisa Marie' is released for the first time. (CD Booklet)

Tracklist Details

Every Breath You Take (4:32)

The Police would love this bouncy chicken pickin' country 2 beat shuffle of their classic song from the band's 1983 album, Synchronicity

Heartbreak Hotel (2:12)

Heavy modern retro wall of Jack White guitar bluesy rock, with classic rockabilly tight "straight" shuffle and a touch of Nirvana.

Lisa Marie (3:15)

Newly penned 2011 ballad performed in the style of traditional Elvis with his acoustic guitar "unplugged" with added piano and organ.

After Loving You (3:06)

Big loud modern rock rhythm with a heavy dose of bluesy horn section. Inspired by Kings Of Leon and 3 Doors Down.

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (6:16)

Michael Jackson's first track from 1982's Thriller is waylaid by Poke Salad Annie - "mama say, ma-ma koo-sah!"

Do You Know Who I Am? (2:24)

Just acoustic guitar, a touching folk rock ballad.

Big Boss Man (2:58)

Big loud rock anthem inspired by Arcade Fire and The Strokes, with an intense David Lindley style slide lead guitar.

The Dance (4:42)

This hit 1990 classic Garth Brooks country gospel ballad gets a contemporary country power ballad treatment a la Rascal Flatts or Lady Antebellum.

Reconsider Baby (3:52)

Swampy expansive Daniel Lanois texture with MGMT Moog synth riffing makes this Elvis classic rock hard.

Blue Hawaii (3:27)

An intimate vocal with acoustic guitar, complimented by lush and spacey synth padding and strings a la Angelo Badalamenti

That's All Right, Mama (2:37)

A new version with spacious synth texture with driving hip hop beat and giant distorted guitar inspired by The Killers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Right Here Waiting (3:51)

An intersection of 80's power ballad and Elvis Suspicious Minds orchestration highlights this Richard Marx hit from 1989.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (3:11)

A contemporary rock/hip hop ballad a la Bruno Mars with a dose of driving U2 guitar strumming and classic Jordanaire background vocals.

Hawaiian Wedding Song (2:47)

This classic Elvis ballad meets massive Lady Gaga techno dance anthem.

Elvis is Back Rap (3:30)

An Elvis style blues rap, who could have imagined this?