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Elvis Found Alive (CD Review)

This CD is companion to the film of the same name (here), a very entertaining spoof on the Elvis legend that has him alive and hiding out as a part of an FBI witness protection cover story in Simi Valley, Calif., under the code name of 'Jon Burrows'. It's a code moniker he, or so the film imputes as the result of sleuthing, adopted as the musical legend fought against the forces of evil in order to keep Americans safe and sound as they slept nights and worked days, much like his childhood hero, Capt. Marvel. The Elvis Found Alive collection flowing as a consequence is a blend of re-takes on famous Presley songs as well as brand new compositions by "The King" and a familiar cover or two (Every Step You Take by The Police, etc.).

Wayne Peet, a well-regarded jazz keyboardist, is a player, along with 'Jon Burrows'/'Elvis' singing and strumming acoustic guitar, Ken Lasaine on electric, Vince Tividad manning the bass, with Herman Matthews kicking up the drums. I suppose it's a heresy, but I've never been an Elvis fan (or a Springsteen fan or a John Cougar Mellencamp fan or a......) to any degree and doubt I ever will be no matter how radically my tastes may change in the coming years—that'd be kinda like suddenly gorooving on Lawrence Welk—so I'm the last cat to render a decent critique on Presley or a venture of this type, though the singer, whoever he really is, has the famed icon down pat.

I will say this, though: hearing 'Elvis' sing "You're a vegetable" during Michael Jackson's Wanna be Startin' Somethin' is pretty hilarious. The cut's my favorite, scattin' and all, 'Burrows' double-tracking himself in various sound field positions, almost Thomas Dolby-esque in a swingin' bop samba. Thus, don't look to me for praise of damnation regarding this disc but instead trip on over the the DVD review, 'cause that "documentary" is waaaaaaaay cool!

Mark S. Tucker -


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