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Elvis Found Alive Soundtrack (MVD Audio)

We all know how … colorful … Elvis culture is. It's chock full of dedicated fans and even more devoted fanatics. Elvis collectibles are everywhere in every form. But I think this may be one of the most bizarre, if not the most kitschy, Elvis item to come along in a while. A companion to the faux documentary of the same name, ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is a collection of songs ranging from Elvis classics to remakes of such songs as "The Dance," "Right Here Waiting," "Every Breath You Take" and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" (!), all performed by Jon Burrows, an Elvis impersonator (I'm guessing) featured in the film. The movie ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is a mockumentary about how The King (a disputable title, IMHO) has been in witness protection all these years – not dead – acting as an agent for the federal government! I suppose Elvis fans are the number one target for this material, though it is interesting to hear Elvish (ha) renditions of some unlikely tunes and those fans will enjoy hearing new takes on old songs. Even the classic tunage here (and not being an Elvis follower I can't tell you which of the old songs the real Elvis did and which are new to the Elvis universe) is revamped. "Heartbreak Hotel," for example, has an electric blues edge missing from the version I know from the oldies. ELVIS FOUND ALIVE will be a curiosity piece to some and a treasured, unique collectible for Elvis fans – and it's a singular experience for anybody...

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