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'Elvis Found Alive,' (MVDaudio, HHH)

This CD came out in December but arrived Jan. 9; it is the recording referred to in last week's review of the entertaining film about an elderly Elvis who has been in the Witness Protection Program. The film features musical snippets from this project.

It's interesting and occasionally enjoyable to hear the "Elvis" version of contemporary hits like "Every Breath You Take." The young, vital Elvis remains impossible to replicate so they don't try. The band is smaller (Jon Burrows, vocals/acoustic guitar; Wayne Peet: keyboards; Ken Lasaine, electric guitar; Vince Tividad, bass; and Herman Matthews, drums), but the vocal mannerisms are latter-day Elvis. Highlights include "Lisa Marie," which includes a recitation; the tender acoustic "Do You Know Who I Am," and the cynical "Big Boss Man."

The reworked older hits fail with few exceptions, and the cover of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' " is perhaps unintentionally funny.

Elvis fans who imagine how he'd sound these days may enjoy this one.

Ricky Flake -


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