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"Elvis Found Alive"

From the somewhat cheesy photo on the cover, you might think this movie is some sort of low-budget Bubba Ho-Tep rip-off. It's not. Actually, it's a pretty fascinating look at the career of one of the most iconic performers the world has ever known, narrated by what we are supposed to believe is the King himself as he is today, alive and well after living the past 30 years in the witness protection program. OK, it's a but cheesy after all, but director/interviewer Joel Gilbert is skillful enough in telling the story that although you may not believe it's all true at the end - was Elvis really in Avatar? - you will at least enjoy the ride. The best thing about the film, besides the plethora of archival footage from through Elvis' career, is the attitude of the King as he tells his story. It perfectly captures what Presley might have been as a grumpy old man. 3 stars.

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