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"Elvis Found Alive"

Elvis sighting! The guy sitting in the dark sure sounds like Elvis. And in the singular moment where he allows his face to be lit on camera, looks as we'd imagine the King would, were "Elvis Found Alive" (Highway 61 Entertainment/MVD, B).

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert claims to have discovered Presley hiding in a witness-protection program and persuaded him to sit for a lengthy interview. Therein, the King expresses his admiration for comic-book hero Captain Marvel Jr. (and women who look like the superhero's girlfriend), explains his own quest to put down radicals and (after being deputized by President Nixon), the drug-dealing mafioso he met through Frank Sinatra. It's also "revealed" how death threats all shook up El, forcing him to fake his demise and go "address unknown."

There are just enough nitpicky details here - purportedly gathered after Gilbert's Freedom of Information Act request - to make the case semi-plausible. Having the good ole boy rail against President Obama is a particularly realistic ploy. And hearing this guy sing his new song, "Lisa Marie," in a visually obscured music video (also found on the companion "Elvis Found Alive" CD), you'd swear it really is Presley - though, oddly, in his prime-time voice, not that of a 77-year-old.

Glad the King's taking good care of himself!



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