I was easily drawn in

The idea of Elvis faking his death has been around since his passing. There are enough strange things to make you scratch your head enough to convince some that "The King" may have faked his death. Gilbert takes the evidence and wraps it up into a fun documentary.

We begin with Joel Gilbert, as himself, made a freedom of information request to the government for all files on Elvis, and it doesn't take long for a box to arrive. The group works hard to remove the ink that was used to blacken out information and they succeed, coming up with an address of a man that is on the witness protection program by the name of Jon Burrows. Gilbert and the gang go to the address and, remarkably, Elvis lives and grants Gilbert an exclusive interview. It was very easy for me to be drawn in and it became a documentary narrated by Elvis. This is a very thorough documentary and one that any Elvis fan would enjoy, and I'm an Elvis fan. It is broken up into different segments, which include his rise, the controversy, the mob, the faking of a death, the rise of the hippies, becoming an FBI agent and more.

Joel Gilbert does it again. ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is a great documentary from a unique angle, making it enjoyable for Elvis fans as well as those that aren't. ELVIS FOUND ALIVE is a winner. Joel Gilbert is a fantastic filmmaker and this is another example of his creativity and unique approach to documentaries. I highly recommend this one.

Geno McGahee -


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